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hi! um im really bad at describing myself lmao but heres some basic stuff!

i go by noby, my pronouns are they/them! im pan and single UmU

im chaotic neutral, intp-t, melancholic, 29/80 eq, and 4w5!

ive been interested in html for a long time but i barely know anything tbh lmao.

im always ready to learn more html and maybe one day i will start css too!

im going to be testing a lot of code on this site, not sure how often though.

i have quite a few interests, though i spend most of my time watching youtube.

my favourite youtubers are vinesauce, captainsparklez, ryukahr, jacksfilms,

mini ladd, chadtronic, good mythical morning, and ratboy genius!

i also love video games, though i dont really play them very often.

my favourites are mario, sonic, professor layton, portal, and pokemon!

i also have a lot of other minor favourites but theres too many to name.

i dont watch too many shows anymore but my favourites are doraemon and osomatsu-san.

i have many many more minor ones i like, shows are one of my biggest interests.

im also kin, i use it for comfort mostly. below are my ids.

nobita (doraemon) // osomatsu (oso-san)

they are my biggest ids. i will leave my kintypes unlisted.